KOKO CARRASCO “Beautiful Devil”


The cold textured feelings, ripping up my arm,
the saddened look, I give out – screaming help.
The black and white layer is for a reason,
the mask of the witch doctor, laid on her face,
I don’t want to involve myself in beauty so painful,
it’s seems so sadistic of me, yet an artistic advantage.
When you scream out and call me wrong,
I’ve learnt to love the agony that pain brought.
The reason for the pain is because when it began,
it began on false alarms – they mistook me.

Louisa Coller

Fashion Editorial

Koko Carrasco para Fashion Crowd Challenge #EgresadosJk

Fotos&Styling: Rey Badesan


Universidad_Jannette_Klein_BLOGJK_KOKO_CARRASCO_PORTADA_010 Universidad_Jannette_Klein_BLOGJK_KOKO_CARRASCO_PORTADA_009 Universidad_Jannette_Klein_BLOGJK_KOKO_CARRASCO_PORTADA_008 Universidad_Jannette_Klein_BLOGJK_KOKO_CARRASCO_PORTADA_007 Universidad_Jannette_Klein_BLOGJK_KOKO_CARRASCO_PORTADA_006 Universidad_Jannette_Klein_BLOGJK_KOKO_CARRASCO_PORTADA_005 Universidad_Jannette_Klein_BLOGJK_KOKO_CARRASCO_PORTADA_004 Universidad_Jannette_Klein_BLOGJK_KOKO_CARRASCO_PORTADA_003 Universidad_Jannette_Klein_BLOGJK_KOKO_CARRASCO_PORTADA_002 Universidad_Jannette_Klein_BLOGJK_KOKO_CARRASCO_PORTADA_001

by @ReneMarcov